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S1 Flying with your Ultimate Dual Angel wings for Free GMT!(Ended)

Server: Falling Stars
4 p: p' u+ a* g; O* dDate:  00:00 April 6 to April 9, 2012 PDT (GMT-7)& s- B% _: u7 |  X. C$ G
Details: We are listening player’s suggestion about wings event, therefore, we decide to hold this Ultimate Dual Angel wings according to player’s demands.
0 V" g( Q0 p' Q* `6 J9 }6 G6 n* _* t9 C( `, ~  _
The During the event time, when your Fantastic wings reach the below required, and post your wings to this thread, you will has a chance to get Super Crystal!$ e9 S2 H  i8 R" l( `/ `
' H) z% o) j4 E6 ?( g  O* z+ _
: C, W( p: D4 ?- N  v) {In game: xxx
. U& ~4 z, ~" QScreenshot:xxxx
8 v9 z% A& m( v* |& G# }" }' G* n' a
$ n4 o" m# N2 k+ V2 R# }; j  [
+ n! @$ m6 A7 j+ _Ultimate duel angel wings V or Above will get Greater Mount Upgrade* S  t8 E% x  w7 s" l) U6 R
Token*30+Red Dragon coins*5
2 D$ u6 K' A" T# \4 I' \. W1 I" W# X5 ^3 n6 ^1 g

7 J7 C, l1 J7 vNotice:3 u0 K0 _" n  _
1. All uploaded pictures should be able to prove Your current wings with the Clear screenshot.9 X% e  e0 V* F1 ~! y  u
2, Player who received this Ultimate Dual Angel wings prize during our before wings event will NOT be able to accept this event Rewards!6 @5 x4 n6 P: v) f7 P# {) K' `
3. Each character can only collect Each reward once. * @3 ?4 K2 n9 K' w3 k
4. The rewards will be sent in 1-3 working days after event end.
+ M1 J+ F$ K' E7 m, o7 |. x7 n0 d9 C9 m
6 `0 M8 S% Y- V# S
" o! r( A' O8 \8 m$ r' _CS Team& J& N+ ]$ k/ ~8 v" {" i% G  t

  B/ @4 J( D8 BEmail: support@now2play.com  P; x; q0 l# v3 u
Official Webpage: http://cs.now2play.com/home
$ [/ Z# j2 K, i1 d0 d2 pOfficial Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/PlayCrystalSaga

IGN : d3rqull
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# q) I7 i: [4 U5 N/ ^4 r# A4 j# s" d; o$ t


Dear all players;
* i8 h0 m% K  R( |
) O) E9 s* _  ?6 m, hWe have send the reward of this event,Have a nice day!
) R: }* c$ e+ N# ]6 Y# T
$ i) s7 k  v2 x# L# @2 ZCS Team


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